Cnet CNPRO-200 Ethernet Kartı FreeBSD, Linux, 9X, Me, XP & Vista Sürücüleri

cnet.gifDriver İstek Bölümme istekte bulunan mustafa aydoğdu arkadaşım için Cnet CNPRO-200 Ethernet Kartı XP & Vista Sürücülerini yayınlıyorum.

98, ME, XP, Linux Driver : pro200v1.53.exe (533 KB) click here to download

Windows Vista destekli Driver : pro200v1.55.exe (1.15 MB) click here to download

98, 98 ME kurulumu için üretici firmanın açıklaması ;

(C) Installing the driver for Microsoft Windows 98/ME or later

1. Turn the power of your PC on to boot from Windows 98. The system
auto-detects your new adapter installed, and the “New Hardware Found”
dialogue box will appear. Select “Driver from disk provided by hardware
manufacturer” to install driver from the diskette that come with your
lan adapter.

2. Insert the driver diskette into your floppy drive, and specify the
path of the driver in the diskette(i.e. A:\) to copy the driver
files to your system.

3. Select “CNet PRO200WL PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter”, and start to copy the
files to your system.

4. When the driver installation is completed, restart Windows 98.

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