Netsparker Free Community Edition

Mavituna Security Ltd is proud to announce the release of Netsparker Community Edition.

Netsparker Community Edition is False Positive Free and can detect both SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting issues better than many other scanners.

Netsparker Community Edition also detects many other vulnerabilities such as finding and reporting backup files, source code disclosures, Crossdomain.xml issues, SVN/CVS disclosures, internal path disclosures, error messages and many more.

Don’t take our word for it, simply fire up your favourite scanner and compare the results with those from Netsparker Community Edition. You won’t see a False-Positive from Netsparker Community Edition and it’ll find more vulnerabilities.

Web application security is a big challenge and Netsparker Community Edition is a vital tool for the security community and developers alike. Netsparker® Professional


Netsparker® Professional

Netsparker Community Edition shares the same base engine with Netsparker Professional. The Netsparker family are not simply more web application security scanners but represent a step forward into the next generation. Netsparker features False Positive Free Scanning, Integrated Exploitation, Post-Exploitation Vulnerability Assessment and accurate detection.

Netsparker Professional users also benefit from enterprise features, more security checks, priority technical support and updates. For more information about Netsparker® please visit our website, email or call us.


Ferruh Mavituna
Founder and Lead Developer of Netsparker<

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